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Dividing Pablo Picasso’s Estate, a Disaster

When Pablo Picasso died in 1973 at the age of 91, he left behind about 45,000 works of art – so many that it would take the entire Empire State Building to display them all at the same time – and yet he didn’t leave a will.

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Estate Planning For Peak Earning Years

Mistakes New Parents Make with Money

September is the most common birth month of the year. It’s also a good time for new parents to think about the financial side of their parental responsibilities.

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Estate Planning Missouri Ozarks

Consider Funding a Trust with Life Insurance

Estate planning is all about ensuring that your wishes are met after your death. All estate plans should include a will and powers of attorney. However, in many cases, a trust has additional benefits beyond what can be accomplished with the will and powers of attorney.

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Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes

These all-too-common misconceptions can steer your estate plans in the wrong direction right from the start. Here’s how to overcome them and tips to build the right plan for your family.

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Estate Planning Law Firm in Southwest Missouri

What Does Tenancy by the Entirety Mean?

Tenancy by the entirety, commonly abbreviated as TBE, is an ownership structure for real estate that’s used when the owners are a married couple. Under a TBE arrangement, each spouse owns an equal interest in the property, and the property will transfer seamlessly to the surviving spouse, in the event of one spouse’s death.

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Benefits Of Having A Will

A will itself is a legal document that describes the process of splitting up one’s personal property and possessions among family and loved ones.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

What are Trustee Fees?

When creating an estate plan, it may be necessary to name a trustee to handle your assets.

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Missouri Farms

How to Choose a Trustee

Only you know the strengths and weaknesses of your family members, putting you in the best position to decide if your spouse or your child can appreciate a trustee’s responsibilities.

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Missouri Revocable Trust

Can There Be Unequal Distributions in an Estate Plan?

For most of us, considering the distribution of the property we have accumulated over our lives is a painful reminder of our mortality.

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How Important Is Estate Planning in the Pandemic?

Planning for unfortunate events is particularly critical in the era of Covid-19.

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