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Missouri Revocable Trust

Estate Planning Lessons from Celebrities.

The tragic recent death of Tony Hsieh, the 46-year-old former CEO of Zappos, reminds us of the importance of estate planning.

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A Survey Shows Most People Don’t Even Have a Will.

Lack of understanding around estate planning may be leading Americans to avoid getting a will, even as interest is on the rise due to the global pandemic, according to a new survey from financial services leader Policygenius.

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What’s Going on with the Estate of Kenny Rogers?

A friend of the late Kenny Rogers is being sued by the singer’s estate for allegedly producing an unauthorized DVD of The Gambler’s farewell tour.

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What Do I Need to Know about Creating a Will?

Creating a will is one of the most basic elements of estate planning. There are different types of wills you can choose from, including a simple will.

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What Is an Ethical Will?

My colleague’s father recently got infected with the coronavirus and had to be rushed to the hospital. The move was abrupt and hectic, and left no time for any deep conversation with his wife and family as he was being taken out to the ambulance.

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Estate Planning Terms

What are the Basic Estate Planning Documents?

In a nutshell, an estate plan encompasses the accumulation, conservation and distribution of an estate. Done well, it will enhance and maintain the financial security of the next generation.

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What Happens to Credit Card Debt when Someone Dies?

If you get bogged down with a high balance that you can’t easily afford to pay off, it can take years to get out of debt. However, what happens to your credit card debt, if you die before you’ve repaid it?

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Farmer Lawyer Rancher Attorney

What Should I Know about a Living Trust?

A living trust is an estate planning legal document that contains your instructions and authorization for what you want to happen to your assets, when you become disabled or pass away.

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Missouri Revocable Trust

What are the Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes?

Taking a few simple steps now can potentially help save your beneficiaries thousands in legal fees and taxes.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

Should a GRAT Be Part of My Estate Plan?

Low interest rates and looming potential tax changes make this a good time for high-net-worth clients to use a special tool to transfer wealth: the grantor-retained annuity trust (GRAT), a strategy to reduce future estate taxes, by transferring assets to beneficiaries without using the lifetime gift tax exclusion.

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