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What Happens When a Will Is Challenged?

Sometimes beneficiaries end up not receiving their assets. Beneficiaries often lose out because the estate planning wasn’t done properly, but sometimes another family member contests the decedent’s will.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

Why Is Trust Funding Important in Estate Planning?

If you have updated your estate plan during the Covid crisis and even found a way to sign your documents while maintaining social distance, do not overlook the last step of trust funding.

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Estate planning steps

Are People Avoiding Estate Planning in the Pandemic?

We found that Covid-19 had a significant impact on Americans’ sense of personal readiness, with 65% saying that coronavirus made them realize the importance of sharing important information with family. Around the same amount of people (64%) noted that planning for the future was more important than ever and half (50%) said the pandemic made them realize how unprepared they were for a serious emergency.

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Estate Planning Chart

Estate Planning and Probate Planning

Probate is the court process to distribute someone’s estate after their death, even if there is a will and is notoriously slow in California.

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Estate Planning Law Firm in Southwest Missouri

How Do I Make Sure My Wife Gets the House?

I am currently married but I purchased a home from my mother before my marriage. I added my younger sister to the deed at the time of purchase, so the house would remain in the family if something happened to me. I have been paying the mortgage and bills myself for three years now. However, now that I’m married to a great woman, who would get the house when I die?

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Missouri Estate Planning

Can I Protect My Estate with Life Insurance?

Life insurance may play a vital role in an estate plan, because insurance proceeds can be counted on to provide liquidity when it’s needed.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

What are Fiduciary Duties in Estate Planning?

As you plan how you will leave your estate, it is important to your family’s future that you leave a legacy with well-executed documents. It’s also essential that you understand all of the roles of the people involved in your estate, especially the person or organization who will manage your estate.

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Estate Planning Chart

What are the Estate Planning Basics?

It’s never too early to start working on how your things will be handled, once you pass away.

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Inheritable assets

How Do I Protect an Inheritance from the Tax Man?

Did you receive an inheritance of cash, investments, or property? Here are four ways that can help you keep it from being swallowed up by taxes.

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Estate Planning Chart

What are the Different Kinds of Powers of Attorney?

As you age, it is important to have your affairs in order to ensure peace of mind for you and your family. Several documents need to be in place to help your family know and carry out your wishes.

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