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What to Do First when Spouse Passes Away

After a loved one dies, their affairs need to be set in order. You might find yourself planning a funeral, paying bills and closing accounts. The list of things you need to do after someone dies can seem endless, especially during a time when you are also grieving.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

What Happens If A Revocable Trust Isn’t Funded

Revocable trusts are a very popular and effective estate-planning tool. However, the trust will be ineffective, if you do not actually place your assets in the trust.

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What Estate Planning Documents Should Retirees Have?

Few retirees have all of these documents that are crucial to their golden years — especially during a pandemic.

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Should You Update Your Estate Plan When You Move?

State-by-state differences in matters around taxes, inheritance, marital property and more make a thorough review imperative.

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How Does a Trust Work for a Farm Family?

The trust is a very useful and flexible tool for estate planning, yet it is probably the most underused estate management technique. A trust is an artificial entity, something like a corporation, created by a document or instrument.

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Your Estate Planning Checklist for 2021

Early in 2021, you should communicate with your advisers and review several items about your 2020 planning, if that planning is to have any likelihood of succeeding.

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Estate Planning Terms

Do It Yourself Estate Planning Mistakes!!

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has pushed many people to make long-delayed decisions about estate planning. Many people will try the do-it-yourself route via various websites or books. Internet DIY websites make it easy to download forms, but there are mistakes people make when they try do-it-yourself estate planning.

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Power Of Attorney

How Does a Charitable Trust Work?

While direct giving has an immediate impact, some individuals may be considering charitable planning strategies that will have a larger and longer-lasting impact not only on charities, but on their own lives or that of their families.

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Inheritable assets

How Do You Keep Inheritance Money Separate?

Everything each spouse earns during their marriage is community property. Fortunately, a gift or inheritance is separate property. However, that’s only half the battle.

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Should I Add that to My Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is the foundation of an estate plan, which lets you plan for your estate after you’re gone. However, there are certain things that you might not want to put in your will.

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