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Table Rock Lake Home

Estate Battle with Millions at Stake in New Orleans

The widow of car-dealership magnate Ray Brandt filed court papers to evict her family from their Old Metairie compound on Tuesday, the latest escalation of a bitter family battle over control of the massive estate that Brandt left behind when he died in late 2019.

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Bad son in law

Ex-Girlfriend Could Own Your Family Home

My friend prepared his will and specified that his house would go to his girlfriend. She had contributed money to the upkeep, while they were together.

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Revocable Trust Agreement

Trusts Make Sense Even When You Aren’t a Billionaire

Done right by a lawyer, your heirs can avoid the expense and time of probating your will and may save on estate taxes, while easing the administration of your affairs while alive and after you have gone.

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Why Is a Trust Smart Estate Planning for a Farm?

Depending on your family situation and the value of your estate, forming a trust can be an important addition to your farm transition plan.

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Ozarks Legacy Law

Does a Trust Have to Be Funded to Be Valid?

If you don’t also fund it, unexpected things can happen and some of those things may not reflect the intent to the grantor.

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Taking Care Of Mom

Wealthy Women Face Challenges in Estate Planning

Given the expectation the Biden administration will roll back some of Trump’s favorable policies of the past four years, tax consultants and accountants are already hard at work. But for HNW women, dealing with election fallout is minor, compared to the bigger fish they have been frying in the tax pan for decades.

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How Does a Trust Work for a Farm Family?

The trust is a very useful and flexible tool for estate planning, yet it is probably the most underused estate management technique. A trust is an artificial entity, something like a corporation, created by a document or instrument.

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Inheritable assets

How Do You Keep Inheritance Money Separate?

Everything each spouse earns during their marriage is community property. Fortunately, a gift or inheritance is separate property. However, that’s only half the battle.

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Should I Add that to My Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is the foundation of an estate plan, which lets you plan for your estate after you’re gone. However, there are certain things that you might not want to put in your will.

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Estate Planning Law Firm in Southwest Missouri

How Can I Easily Pass My Home to My Only Child?

I am a single retired parent to an adult daughter, who is an only child. The home I currently reside for the last 26 years still has a mortgage and the deed is in my name only. I have a will that states everything is left to my daughter, and then to my grandson, if she proceeds me in death. Should my daughter be added to the deed?

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